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We want to help your written masterpiece get published. You may have a written work about your life, designed to be passed down through generations, long after you have been gone to live with the Lord forever. Others may have a touching story to tell, to help others going through similar trails. Your story may have been by others, in different ways. But your goal may just for reading by family and friends. Not everyone is trying to get rich off of their book. Writing a book is a personal endeavor… deep and therapeutic. For many, it is getting the burden off your chest. Many people want to tell the real story in writing and end rumors. Stories told from mouth to mouth often changes, with time. Thank God, the Bible never changes.

Many people say to me, I have a story but, I can’t write a book because I don’t have time, or I started writing one but never finished. WE will help you with an outline and even write it for you. If you have a completed manuscript, we want to be your publisher. Call us and talk about your project. Nothing gets done until you stand up and do something.

In the book publishing industry, for me, writing the story is the easy part and the most fun. The other part of this process is getting organized and staying editing, printing, proofing and printing the final copy. The hardest part of this process is sales. We will help with marketing, book signing, radio/TV interviews, social media and much more.

I just wanted to share a couple valuable points about getting your book published. I am an author of more than 13 books. I have books of poems, novels and currently writing a best seller...okay, I’m confident. After we get you published, you will pay for posters and social media boasts and any advertising you want to do to promote your book. The bottom is simple. People will not break down your front door wanting to buy your book. It takes time, your effort and may take more money. I tell this up front…this is not easy. If you ask, I will be honest and tell the horror stories…and I will tell the cool stories that make my heart soar like an eagle.

When I give you pricing, be sure to compare pricing with other companies. Be sure to ask the right questions…such as how long will it take to get published; how do I get my book reviewed; how do I know my book is selling; what are all the costs through each process; how will you help me promote my book; and may I see a copy of the contract before I even start the process. Carefully, look at the date the contract ends.

I have been writing for many years and quickly discovered this business can be one expensive pure-D ripoff. Once, I discovered my novel had been translated into another language and marketed overseas, but I was not paid. That publisher trapped me into a long-term contract and then told me my book is not selling, but the same time would not end the contract.

Many publishing companies will not provide you a means to confirm what books were have to trust the publisher. With one company, I paid a lot of money to get a book published, but had to pay $3.00 per book to have it delivered to me and then pay another $3.00 per book to have it shipped to my customer. In the book publishing business, when there is a lot of money involved, I find many companies toss customer service, out the window. It is hard to get a real person on the phone….and when you do, they want to sell you additional products or services.

A publishing company out of Atlanta just called, to ask me if they could publish my book. They told me they received information, that I have a book to be published. When the dust settled, they wanted over $800 to start, plus $3200 to edit and I will tell you right now, there will be more costs along the way, to include buying book and shipping cost. My company is not chasing the money, as our vision if to help people. Because I own a travel agency and a publishing company, I have low overhead, I don't have to charge folks an arm and a leg, to cover expenses.

To get started, each project costs $150 to get started. This pays for the initial consultation to review your work to date and discuss your goals and develop a plan of action. We’ll see if you have a concept my company would be taking an interest in working with you. If you have a complete written book, add another $150 to prepare the book for publication, front and back cover, and ISBN number. We do not provide editing. You may edit your work yourself, or hire someone to edit. Add $150 to develop and outline. At that point, you may write the book yourself. But if ghosting it required, that is, you want me to write the book, you pay $150 to start and the charged $500 per month or $5,000 per 50,000 words, which is charged in blocks of 50,000 words. You will always be informed of the word count.

Again, you are responsible for all editing. We do not offer editing services. Depending on the size and color of the manuscript with determining the cost of publication to the author. Author may not take the manuscript to another printer or publisher for book printing. Your book will be sold on Amazon, VP Store online, and by our distributor. VP will assist in scheduling TV/Radio interviews, trade shows, and book signings.

If your book sells 500,000+ copies, VP will offer the author, a 7-day cruise for two, on any scheduled Conference Cruise. Since all projects are different, pricing may differ... I always give written estimates. Go to "Shop Now" and start the Vascosity process of creating your masterpiece.

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