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About Veteran Professionals, Inc. (VPi)

Veteran Professionals, Inc (VPi), has successfully been filed into existence as a non-profit corporation as of March 2018, in the State of Georgia. Additionally, VPi has been awarded IRS 501(c)(3) certification which allows VPi to accept donation on federal tax exemption for donors. This also allows VPi to file and apply for federal and state grants as well as win sponsorship support from large corporations such as Boeing, USAA and Lockheed Martin and other companies holding highly valued federal contracts.

Vascosity Publishing (VP) is a sister company to VPi. It publishes a line of books written by the CEO and his pet dog, named Livy. VP also publishes for new and aspiring authors. Our mindset is not to cater to get rich author, but to those who want to write their life story to been handed down through generations of their own family. Others want to tell the world about their success to be a role model for others. Money from the book sales goes towards buying fares for children in the cancer camp program and the Veterans who will mentor the children; plus it covers the promotion and operational costs of the onboard cancer camps.

Ascension Cruises and Excursions (ACE), a travel agency, reserves cruise ships for the conferences. It hires the speakers, artists, and camera crews. The cruises cover the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, River Cruises and will soon schedule may other worldwide destinations. We plan church retreats, class reunions, corporate annual conferences, weddings and honeymoons and any other major meeting or conference.

Each conference cruise sponsored by our sister companies, VP and ACE, provide a vehicle to achieve three objectives:

VP will invite small groups (10-20) of children living with cancer, to participate in camps on the board the cruise ships. Veterans will also be invited to conduct the camps and mentor the young adults (age 17-24). At the same time, the Vets interaction with the children will help the Vets. The two groups will encourage each other to fight for improving their quality of life…even to fight for life.
The cruises also enable us to showcase talent of all sorts in artists and speakers, and other dreamers. On each cruise, there will be camera crews on board to capture the artist’s performance and other exciting events scheduled for each trip. At the same time, we want to capture the beautiful scenery of the different countries we visit, as well as the beauty each cruise ship has to offer. Mercedez Star Records has been a superstar in their ability to find quality entertainers who are well established as well as future stars who are looking to be discovered.
Our mission enables us to provide our paying guests with information, tips and tools to improve their quality of life. We want all, to be able to take something home, they can use, other than memories and pictures of a good time on the cruise. We take our vision seriously and truly believe we can help our quest learn ways to handle life, improve health, finances and individual skills.
Veteran Professionals will soon become a well known as a common household name, as Vets will be available to provide low cost home repairs throughout the community. VPi will be providing training in various trades to assist Vets in finding employment, if they choose to work. Not all Vets are retirees. VPi will also help Vets find housing, medical services and financial services they need to survive and care for their families. We are already planning to open the first Sickle Cell Treatment Center in Columbus, GA. Currently local patients have to travel over one-hundred miles to Atlanta, for a monthly, eight minute procedure.

As mentioned before, we will have some large key federal players and investors, join our project and promote us. Once we do the first Cancer cruise in the world, it will be a big event for all to see and major companies will want to be in on having their company name share the limelight of being associated with not only a “first ever” in history, but our worthwhile cause to help children living with cancer. Then, since we are filming the experience on each ship, we will be creating showcases of the cruise experience and the entertainment…which may one day spin off into a movie or TV series. Additionally, this Fall, VP plans to start up a VP Travel Magazine, featuring the cruise, artists and speakers. The magazine will allow our guest to proudly show the world their cruise experience but also serve as marketing tool to promote future cruises and our cause. Over time, this free magazine will spur a lucrative advertising revenue stream

VPi’s President is Demetrius Oatis, a West Point graduate, class of 1984. He will be handling the day to day operational activities of the company, which will be HQ in Columbus. We want our board members to provide expert advice and guidance to our operational activities and promote projects that help promote our company and it’s mission. We are planning many land and sea events to raise money to support our mission. We plan to not only build a Sickle Cell treat center in Columbus, but possibly facilities for homeless veterans, of which the majority, are women and single parent families plus low cost preschool centers. At the same time, we have many Veterans who have problems dealing with life in America, after returning home from the war. Our presence in the community could be huge. Our board members’ job would also be to vote on directing money and resources to where it’s needed. We need to let the world know who we are and what we are doing, so those who need our service will come to us without hesitation.

I believe our sponsors will be a great asset to VPi and we look forward to working with them in helping Veterans and children living with cancer,