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**All Cruises for 2018 are currently on HOLD until further notice** Customers will be refunded any deposits paid up to date
within 60 days


Dear Guest,

It is with deep regret to announce the cancellation of all VP conference cruises for the remainder of the year 2018 until we obtain additional sponsors to finance future cruises.  Due to poor sales, operation funds have not been adequate to make the cruise a success. In the cruise business, patrons cannot wait to pay within the 30-90 days prior to departure; at that point the cruise line will cancel group discounts.

The plan at this point for VP is refund any monies patrons have invested. All refunds will be made with next 60 sixty days.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We are getting out of the conference business without sponsors. Please visit our website at for additional updates about booking individual cruises.

Joe Floyd, CEO
Vascosity Publishing