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Set Sail for Great Times With the Help Of Our Cruise Travel Agent

If you're in need of a professional cruise travel agent, you've come to the right place. Vascosity Publishing (VP) and Ascension Cruises and Excursions (ACE) can help you plan your on-the-sea dream vacation as well as class reunions, church retreats, honeymoons and more. We'll even show you how to plan your adventure in advance and how you can take advantage of discounts by joining our VP Travel Club.

Right now, we are featuring inspirational gospel conference cruises hosted by big-star entertainers such as Bobby Jones and Teresa Hannah, who have both worked with BET for many years. Onboard, you'll learn about the history of gospel music as well as life-enhancing information that will help you develop personal skills. You'll also help support good causes, as we'll donate a percentage of our profits to various charity organizations. For more information on how you can plan your next adventure, contact our travel agent.


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